Whether you are renovating your existing home, looking to buy a home or building a new home, we have the professionals to help.

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Here are three guidelines to keep in mind when undertaking any of the above:

  1. Always choose a CHBA-NL member professional, particularly those with designations (see below);
  2. Avoid resorting to the underground economy and paying cash (without a receipt) for any work done; and
  3. Get it in writing by drawing up a written, detailed contract for all work to be completed.

 Builder Designation

Master Builder Logo

Choose a builder with Master Builder Certification. Builders with Certification will have this logo next to their name under Find a Member.

A Master Builder is operating at the highest standards the industry has to offer.  The criteria for this provincial Certification is as follows:

  • Two-year membership with the CHBA-NL
  • In good standing with a recognized warranty program
  • Five years of residential construction experience
  • Letter of Solvency
  • A recognized Quality Assurance Program
  • COR Certification
  • R-2000/ERS Certification
  • Red Seal or journeyperson(s), engineer, CET, or architect on staff
  • Annual professional development provided for staff
  • Completion of recommended courses

Renovator Designation

RenoMark Log

Choose a renovator registered with the RenoMark Program. Renovators with this registration will have this logo next to their name under Find a Member.

A renovator registered with the nationally-recognized RenoMark Program demonstrates a voluntary commitment to professionalism and integrity in business dealings.  The criteria for registration is as follows:

  • Be a member in good standing of the CHBA-NL
  • Abide by the CHBA-NL Code of Ethics
  • Provide a detailed, written contract (including scope of work) for all jobs
  • Offer a minimum two year warranty on all work (excludes minor home repair)
  • Carry a minimum of $2 million liability insurance
  • Have coverage for workplace safety and employers’ liability and/or work only with subcontractors who carry such coverage
  • Carry applicable licenses and permits.
  • Have access to information, education, training and professional development through membership in CHBA-NL
  • Maintain a safe and organized worksite
  • Return phone calls within two business days

Visit the NL RenoMark website!

Get It In Writing!

For a number of years, the Get it in Writing! campaign has provided homeowners with sound information on how to avoid risks when hiring a contractor for their home projects. The campaign was launched by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) to help consumers protect themselves from underground and fly-by-night contractors.

With the support of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), the Get it in Writing! campaign hosts information on their website, www.hiringacontractor.com.  The site offers a wealth of good advice to help consumers do it right, with downloadable worksheets and information from both the CHBA and CMHC.

Get It In Writing

•     Check out the “Get Informed” section to learn about contracts, workers’ compensation, permits, liens and other legal and contractual requirements.

•     “Hire a Professional” outlines how to find and hire a renovator, including checklists and worksheets.

•     “Underground Deals” highlights the risks to homeowners if they hire a contractor who wants to be paid in cash, and does not play by the rules.

•     The downloadable Get it in Writing! brochure is a handy reference tool, and a reminder of the key steps to a renovation project done right.