NF Power's Construction Services Webpage and Direct Contact Info

Members can access the direct line of NF Power's Construction Services to address any questions or issues.

Plans Examination and Inspection Checklists

We have secured from the City of St. John's, Plans Examination and Inspection Checklists for distribution to the members. These checklists represent the items investigated when completing inspections, taking from the Ontario Building Code, which replicates the National Building Code.

City of St. John's Certified Wooden Deck Plans

The City of St. John's has provided these certified deck plans for use by our members, having all been approved for use.

Members' Advantage Program (MAP) Offers and Promotions

The Members' Advantage Program provides exclusive member-to-member discounts, deals, and special offers available only to members of the CHBA-NL. Sign it to view all the deals and promotions offered to members.