CHBA-NL Announces Partnership with Keyin College: Framing Technician Program

The Canadian Home Builders’ Association – Newfoundland and Labrador (CHBA-NL) is pleased to announce a partnership with Keyin College to offer new programming in the field of residential framing to meet the labour market needs of the home building and renovation industries.

The Residential Framing Technician Program was adapted from a British Columbia training program and developed in partnership with the residential construction industry. Graduates of the 28-week course will have the necessary skills to safely and efficiently construct the frame, or supporting structure, of single and multi-family homes, as well as to enclose the home and install windows and doors.

“Existing trades designations do not reflect the skill evolution that has taken place in this industry, this is why programs like the one being established by Keyin College in partnership with the residential construction industry are so important to the housing sector,” says Victoria Belbin, CEO of the CHBA-NL. “Currently expert journey-people teach house framers their skills and responsibilities while on the job. This program fills a gap in formal training for this industry by combining classroom and on-the-job learning as the most effective way to enhance the professionalism of our industry.”

“As we look to meet the skills challenges facing all industries in the future, this partnership between the CHBA-NL and Keyin College is a perfect example of industry-academia collaboration to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow,” stated Kevin Lee, CEO of the CHBA at the national level. “The residential construction industry offers great careers in a dynamic field and this type of program prepares the right kind of people for our evolving industry.”

The new program will commence this fall at Keyin College with a first class of students who will have the opportunity to receive both technical and hands-on training in best practices, safe work habits, and will provide them the skills needed to construct residential floors, walls, roofs, stairs and concrete formwork.

“It’s always been Keyin College’s mandate to provide training based on the needs of industry, and this is a perfect example of that commitment,” says Des Whelan, President of Keyin College. “The partnership between industry and education will surely be a successful one. In-class training will provide the basics – practical theory of construction best practices – while the hands-on, eight-week work term component will give students the experience they need to meet the demands of the industry.”

Those interested in finding out more about the program are invited to contact Keyin College or the CHBA-NL. The program is open to anyone interested in learning this sought-after skill set and financing options are available to facilitate entry into the program.