Reno Month: Online Renovation Advice to Get You Started Right

Home renovation often begins with questions: “How does it work, where do I start, what about…, how do I…,” and so on. Online research can help you get answers. Here are some informative sites to get your home renovation planning off to a good start. is the site of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA). Renovating Your Home offers information and practical advice from Canada’s professional renovators: introduction to the renovation process, ideas for projects and products, how to plan your project and hire a contractor, and more. Check out the Homeowners’ Guide to Green Renovation. Download helpful worksheets and checklists. Use the search engine to find renovation contractors in your community., another CHBA site, provides a roadmap for making your home healthier and more energy efficient. is the official site of the Get it in Writing! initiative, aimed at helping homeowners protect their renovation investment. is the site of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). Check Renovating a Home in the consumer section for step-by-step renovation advice and project videos. Case studies explain how to improve the energy efficiency of homes, by house type and year of construction. A database of fact sheets, organized by type of renovation, can help homeowners plan their project and avoid surprises. is the access point to Natural Resource Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency for a wide range of information on energy conservation. Get advice on choosing energy-efficient appliances and equipment, such as windows and doors, heating and cooling systems, and lighting. Look for detailed information on grants for home renovations, including what’s available at the provincial level. is an introduction to the RenoMark™ program in place in many local Home Builders’ Associations across the country. The program helps consumers connect with professional renovators in their community. The website explains what you can expect when you hire a RenoMark™ renovator, including a code of conduct that members agree to abide by.