CHBA-NL Seeks 20 Member Companies for Canada Job Grant Participation

The CHBA-NL has submitted a comprehensive proposal for the Canada Job Grant, which we are currently negotiating with the province.  The proposal is based on identifying 20 member companies and their training needs whereby the CHBA-NL will facilitate training through a variety of modules in partnership with Keyin College. The training modules include:

Energy Efficiency Boot Camp

EnerGuide for new and existing homes
EnergyStar Certification

Administration Boot Camp

Finance and Accounting
Risk Management
Human Resource (attraction and retention of labour)
Succession Planning

Technical Boot Camp

Framing Technician Program
Drywall and Plastering
Windows and Doors
Shingling and Roofing

The objective of our proposal is to stimulate increased employer involvement in all aspects of training through the Canada Job Grant.  Employers, as primary stakeholders, have an interest in ensuring the long-term success of this program.  This is especially true given the residential construction industry is an unregulated one where a lack of expertise can have devastating impacts.

As a result, the CHBA-NL intends to use this opportunity as another means to enhance the professionalism of the industry, as it has evolved and changed at a rapid rate.  It is understood that by strengthening the capacities of the workforce, productivity will be immeasurably enhanced.  By professionalizing the workforce, there should be a reduction in turnover, which may help stabilize labour costs associated with home-building.

As a result of favourable discussions with the province, we are now seeking 20 member companies interested in identifying training needs and accessing skills training for new and existing employees.  The Association will walk you through the process to ensure your employees receive the instruction you need to meet your diverse human resources needs now and well into the future.

Let us help you gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.  To learn more about the Canada Job Grant and to take advantage of our expertise, please contact the office: or 753.2000

For background information on eligibility and requirements, review this presentation from Advanced Education and Skills (AES):

Canada Jobs Grant Stakeholder Presentation – August 15, 2014