CHBA-NL C.E.O, Victoria Belbin, has been elected as Chair of the Executive Officers’ Council Of The Canadian Home Builders’ Association.

Victoria has worked with a variety of government boards, commissions and non-profit associations in Newfoundland & Labrador and Alberta.

The Executive Officers Council (EOC) serves as an important communication link between all levels of the association. Its primary role is to provide opportunities for the professional growth, development and excellence of association Executive Officers across Canada.

The role of the Executive Officers’ Council (EOC) is to assist Executive Officers of the Association to implement the Association’s national, provincial and local objectives, and to provide information and opportunities for the professional growth, development and competency of Executive Officers across Canada.

Elected members of the CHBA decide policy and represent the Association in public forums. The staff role is to provide necessary administrative support, maintain contacts and prepare background information and recommendations with regard to policy development. The EOC provides support to the Association’s chief staff officers at all levels.

The EOC concentrates on fulfilling four primary goals:

  1. To continuously improve the professionalism, credibility and effectiveness of Executive Officers across Canada.
  2. To provide, and continually improve, an effective communications network between and among the local, provincial and national levels of the Association.
  3. To encourage and facilitate the exchange of information between Executive Officers.
  4. To ensure that CHBA’s national strategies and objectives are promoted and implemented at the provincial and local levels of the Association.