CHBA-NL Signs Canada Job Grant Agreement

We are pleased to announce that CHBA-NL signed a Canada – NL Jobs Grant agreement with the Provincial Government of Newfoundland and Labrador on Friday, April 17th to provide employer needs assessment and skills training for the residential construction industry. CHBA-NL intends on increasing employer involvement in all elements of the skills identification and training needs process by working with 20 member employers and close to 50 new and existing employees through a pilot program that will begin immediately. The Association will work with Keyin College to design training plans and offer a suite of industry – appropriate skills training modules to members starting in the fall of 2015.


Training modules include:

Energy Efficiency



EnerGuide for new and existing homes

EnergyStar Certification

Administration Boot Camp

Finance and Accounting



Risk Management

Human Resources (attraction and retention of labour)

Succession Planning

Technical Boot Camp

Framing Technician Program

Drywall and Plastering

Windows and Doors

Shingling and Roofing


Let us help you gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.  To learn more about the Canada Job Grant and to take advantage of our expertise, please contact the office: or 753.2000