Member Spotlight: Spaces

  1. How long has Spaces been a member of CHBA-NL? 

5 years

  1. What is Spaces scope of work? 

We supply and install Ethanol and electric fireplaces, custom kitchens and custom closet organizers.  We also have a full renovation division that offer a one stop shop.  We will be the general contractor on any renovation, big or small so the owner will only have to deal with one person through the entire renovation process.

  1. What has winning a BERG Award in Kitchen Renovations meant for Spaces? 

Winning a BERG Award has been great for us on many levels:

1)  It has boosted company morale.

2)  it has given us the opportunity to brag about this with our potential clients which then allows to our credibility.

3)  Free advertising with Coast 101.1.  Free advertising is always great.

4)  Gives us confidence to do more for the Berg’s next year.

  1. What  value has the CHBA-NL membership brought Spaces?

I would say the biggest benefit for Spaces is getting our name out there (networking).  Being a member is helping us reach a variety of people and let them know who we are and what we do.  We have also utilized training that has been offered.  Also, two clients found us through the CHBA-NL.  Another benefit of participating in the CHBA-NL is you have the opportunity to discuss issues with companies experiencing the same difficulties as we are.

  1. What would you say to companies interested in becoming a member of CHBA-NL? 

The cost of membership pays itself off over and over again.  Camaraderie is always a great perk and being able to have some many companies speak as one voice is priceless.