Energy Efficiency Loan Program (EELP)

In April, 2017, the Provincial Government announced the Energy Efficiency Loan Program (EELP) to provide low-interest loans for home energy efficiency upgrades.

Through EELP, qualifying home owners whose homes are reliant on electric heat can receive financing of up to $10,000 over five years for heat pumps and insulation.

About EELP

• Eligible applicants can receive low-interest financing of Prime plus 1.5% for up to $10,000 over five years to purchase and install heat pumps and insulation. As with any financing program, a credit check is required.

• EELP is open to existing homes, with primarily electric heat and one year history.

• takeCHARGE will begin accepting applications in October 2017.  Visit for full program details.

TC Installer Newsletter – May 2017